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What are Proto Mini Dental Implants?

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Proto Mini Dental Implants are an option for patients who are looking to replace their lost teeth but who either don’t want or are not candidates for traditional implants. Many patients want to replace their missing teeth but do not want to undergo the invasive surgery that is required for regular implants. Other patients are not candidates for traditional implants because they lack the bone mass to support the implant.

Proto Mini Dental Implants have the same structure as traditional dental implants, but are slightly smaller in form. They are typically compared to the diameter of a toothpick. Traditional dental implants usually range from 3 mm to 7 mm wide, but Proto Mini Dental Implants range from about 1.8mm to 2.9 mm in diameter. This smaller anatomy allows them to be placed in areas that traditional implants cannot successfully integrate.

What are the advantages of Proto Mini Dental Implants?

Both the medical and dental fields are continuously trying to make procedures smaller and less invasive. Dental implant therapy has been one of the most significant advances in dentistry in the past 25 years and this smaller version of the dental implant has shown to be successfully utilized. Proto Mini Dental Implants have proven to be more versatile than traditional implants because they can be used in patients who do not have enough supporting bone structure. Recently, many people have gained access to the benefits of implant dentistry because Proto Mini Dental Implants have made the treatment affordable to them! This affordability allows patients to have expanded treatment options and finally gain their dream smile!

Advantages associated with Proto Mini Dental Implants:

The entire Proto Mini Dental Implant placement procedure typically takes less time than traditional dental implants. In almost all cases, sutures are not required and discomfort is minimal. After the Proto Mini Dental Implant placement procedure is complete, light eating can be resumed. For denture stabilization, the teeth may be removed and cleaned as needed.

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