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Proto Mini Dental Implants for Loose Dentures or Partials

Mini Dental Implants in Oak Lawn, IL and Darien, IL

Proto Mini Dental Implants are often used to provide stability to patients with loose fitting partials or dentures. They are single piece implants, meaning they do not have a screw hole into which other components can be attached. The screw portion of the implant is placed underneath the gums and into the bone for a secure attachment. A small ball-shaped portion of the implant sticks out of the gums and snaps securely into a socket that is located on the underside of a denture or partial denture. This newly supported denture or partial denture is able to snap directly and firmly into the implants. This creates a very stable denture that does not suffer from movement, slipping, wobbling, popping out, or messy adhesives.

How many Proto Mini Dental Implants are needed to support a denture?

Every patient will require a different number of Proto Mini Dental Implants to reach their desired results. Typically, at least four implants are required to secure the lower denture and at least six are required to support an upper denture. The number of implants placed is different per patient and is dependent on how much bone is present in a specific area. Patients who currently wear unstable dentures will benefit from the secured feel of Proto Mini Dental Implants.

The end of dentures!

If you are a patient that has soft teeth, missing teeth, failing bridgework, failing root canals, or currently are wearing a denture, there is a permanent tooth replacement option for you! Dentures are not the only option and you should know that Proto Mini Dental Implants have put an end to wobbly dentures! We understand that with traditional dentures you cannot chew properly, there are painful sore spots, and they can fall out causing embarrassment. We also understand that the previous option of just traditional dental implants was very expensive and not obtainable for many. Proto Mini Dental Implants provide the stability of dental implants, at half of the cost, and put an end to wobbly dentures!

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