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Proto Mini Dental Implants vs. Traditional Implants

Mini Dental Implants in Oak Lawn, IL and Darien, IL

Traditional dental implants take several months and require multiple dental appointments. For many patients, an additional bone grafting procedure is required to ensure proper bone is available to support the dental implant post. Often times, a sinus augmentation is needed to gently move the sinuses in order to create more room for the dental implant. Proto Mini Dental Implants are commonly placed in one appointment at our dental office using only local anesthetic, without any sutures and without any other complicated procedures.

Proto Mini Dental Implants:

How do Proto Mini Dental Implants work?

The Proto Mini Dental Implant is a tiny dental implant that looks very similar to a screw and is designed to serve as a natural tooth root. They are typically made of titanium, which can help promote the integration process. The screw portion of the implant is placed into the bone and underneath the gum tissue. The top of the implant sits outside of the gums and looks like a ball. This ball fits firmly into the retaining mechanism and holds the prosthetic teeth firmly into place.

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